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sustainable Finland

Respect, treasure, enjoy, love. Use these words as your mantra when you are in Finland and you will enrich your visit and help to preserve this beautiful country. Finland’s untouched and pristine nature is at the core of Finnish life and its sanctity is paramount. Living sustainably and in harmony with the environment is deep-rooted here and is an essential element of responsible travel. This includes not only a respect for nature and wildlife, but also people and their age-old customs

Sustainable tourism is committed to having a positive impact on nature, society and the economy, leaving a low ecological footprint and honouring local cultures. Keep nature clean by choosing environmentally-friendly options in modes of travel, and recycle, reuse and reduce your overall consumption and waste. Choose locally- produced and ethically-made food and products, and be respectful of local communities and traditions.

This section introduces you to the Finnish way of living ethically and sustainably. It will guide you to make all the best choices as an enlightened traveller in Finland.



Want to discover authentic Finland? Then we advise you to take your time and slow down. To get a true sense of place and people, one needs time.

Choose train over car if you can and explore your local surroundings on foot or by bike. All cities and most small towns have bikes for rent –Helsinki’s bike rental system is the most used by citizens in all of Europe! Traveling by bike is by far the best way to experience Finland, whether you are heading to the fells of Lapland, along the scenic routes of coastal Finland or exploring Lakeland’s beautiful waterways from the shore. And because Finns are so connected to nature, there is almost certainly a trail system nearby where you can walk, cycle or run and ski in winter.

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Organic, fairtrade, green, ethical…oh yes, please!

By choosing products with an eco-label and traveling to destinations that take environmental protection seriously, you offset some of the burden traveling abroad puts on the planet.

To help you choose the most sustainable options as possible during your holiday, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most important green and ethical labels and logos in Finland.

Eceat Finland label

ECEAT (European Centre for Ecological and Agricultural Tourism) develops and promotes tourism that supports organic agriculture, sustainable land use, the protection of nature and the environment, and the protection of cultural heritage and traditional rural landscapes. More info here.

Eko Kompassi label

Eko Kompassi is an environmental management system designed for the use of SMEs and events. The certificate demonstrates a commitment to continuously improving and complying with the 10 criteria of EcoCompass.

Green Key ecolabel

Green Key award is the leading standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry. In Finland there are almost 70 Green Key awarded sites, including hotels, small accommodation, campsites and attractions. More info here.

Nordic swan Ecolabel

Finnish products, hotels and restaurants that satisfy strict environmental demands can use the Nordic Swan ecolabel. These include energy efficiency, materials and chemicals, all the way from raw materials to end product and waste management.
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A new Energy Efficiency Agreement period in Finland is scheduled over 2017–2025. By joining the agreement and committing to improve their use of energy, a company or a municipality is doing their part in helping Finland become more energy-efficient. More info here.

Roope satama logo

Keep the Archipelago Tidy

Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association (Pidä Saaristo Siistinä ry) is a Finnish environmental organisation whose aim is to keep Finland’s coastlines and archipelago clean. It also supports opportunities for recreational boating and the enjoyment of all the waterways in and around Finland. More info here.


EKOenergy is an international network of environmental organisations and an ecolabel for electricity. EKOenergy is the only international ecolabel for renewable electricity. More info here.

Hyvää Suomesta label

Hyvää Suomesta label is a designation of origin for Finnish packaged foods. The label is voluntary and may be used by food industry companies that manufacture their products in Finland using Finnish ingredients.
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Finnish organic food label

Luomu is Finland’s own organic food label that denotes controlled organic production. It is the official label of the Finnish inspection authorities, owned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. All products using it must adhere to EU’s organic standards.

EU organic product label

The EU organic product label indicates that the product has been grown within sustainable cultivation systems. Foods may only be marked as “organic” if at least 95% of their agricultural ingredients are organic. . See more info here.

“100% Finnish” food label

“Purely Finnish” food label denotes vegetable, fruit and flower production that is 100% Finnish. The label is given to those farmers and growers who pass the strict criteria, set by the Finnish Horticultural Products Society. See more info here.

Some sustainable things to do on your holiday

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Finland’s wonderful wildlife It's harvest time – try superfoods from Finnish nature Experience the Finnish National Park Paddle the Thousand Lakes of Finland Cycling the Archipelago Trail Water – a Pure Reason to Visit Finland SUSTAINabLE TRAVEL FINLAND By choosing Sustainable Travel Finland labelled provider, we know you respect and treasure the Finnish nature, its inhabitants and culture during your visit. Search for providers Sustainable Finland pledge Take the pledge 10 Sustainable Travel Tips in Finland Are you planning to visit Finland but are worried about the environmental impacts of your travel? Here are 10 effective tips that you can easily do before and during your trip. Read more 8 Ways to Appreciate Finland The Finns have always considered nature to be a caretaker and provider that must be protected in all aspects of life, including travel. Once on the road, why not favour local products and services, use public transportation and choose a hotel or restaurant that has been awarded an eco label? See our 8 tips to appreciate “green” Finland. Read more Everyman’s Rights In Finland, nature is not only wild, it’s free. Finnish law states that anyone living in or visiting Finland has the right to roam the countryside, forage, fish with a line and rod, and enjoy the recreational use of natural areas, even on private land. We call this “The Everyman’s Rights”, Jokamiehen oikeudet. Read more Finnish Summer House Rules Today’s luxury is having a place of quiet and peace, with pure air and nature surrounding you. At a Finnish summer cottage, this is what you’ll get. To make the most of it, switch off from the daily grind and let the nature guide your way. Little steps lead to small footprints. Read more Meet the Sámi – Finland’s Indigenous People In Lapland (Finland, as well as Norway, Sweden and Russia) live Europe’s last and only indigenous people, the Sámi. Around 10 000 Sámi people live in Finland, many still practicing old livelihoods like reindeer husbandry. When visiting the area, please be considerate and respectful of the age-old traditions and cultural heritage of the Sámi. Read more HAPPIEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD   Slow Food – the Finnish Way Slow food is ingrained in the Finnish way of life and is central to the culture. It is part of a lifestyle that embraces a slower pace, simplicity and authenticity. Pure, healthy ingredients from nature are prepared in traditional ways that have been passed down over generations. When in Finland, enjoy and embrace this slowness – we’ll tell you how. Read more Helsinki Goes Vegan One of the surest ways to save the planet is to cut down on eating meat and get your protein from (locally produced!) vegetables instead. Vegan food no longer equals lettuce without dressing and plain beans, but a delightful array of mouth-watering dishes. Many Helsinki restaurants are now competing to lure the trend-setting customers in their way and completely vegan options are more and more common. Read more     Meet Finland’s Wildfood Experts Finland is the promised land of wild food. Berries, mushrooms, wild herbs and plants, mosses, lichens, spruce sprouts… as well as fish, game and reindeer – these are all derived straight from the pure Arctic nature. The taste of these superfoods is unique. Meet some of the best wild food chefs and their restaurants around the country. Read more Sustainable Finnish Design Design is a state of mind in Finland and is woven seamlessly into everyday life. It is a way of living that embraces timeless beauty, sustainability and a harmonious relationship with the natural world. Read more Slow Fashion The values of slow fashion are inherent in Finnish lifestyle. The Finns live in harmony with nature and find beauty in simplicity. We know living with less is better for the environment and find it soothing for the soul. Read more Guilt-free Shopping in Finland Love shopping but fear for the planet’s future? Not to worry, we compiled a list of ethical shopping tips when visiting Finland – or to buy online. Read more