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Lapland Hotels Pallas

From 50 €

Finland’s first fell hotel, a great monument to functionalism, was designed in 1938 by architects Väinö Vähäkallio and Aulis Hämäläinen. After the Second World War the traditional Lapland Hotel Pallas was built. The living spaces, highlighted by the breathtaking scenery, comfortably fit in with today’s style. The library is full with stories by guests who submitted their experiences for others to read. A weekly program that considers the guests’ wishes contains downhill skiing as well as pancake making. Some of the most popular activities are ski trips, guided by the Owls of Pallas. There is permission to have a small meeting — of a kind — in the Owls’ loft.

Experience the most beautiful of the fells, along with other national park landscapes with the many others who return to us year after year.

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Suitable experience in February, March, April, June, July, August, September, December


Lapland Hotels Pallas

Pallastunturintie, 99300 Muonio
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