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Hotel Jeris

From 100 €

Hotel Jeris and Arctic Sauna World are located on the shores of Lake Jerisjärvi next to Keimiötunturi fell. Pallas-Ylläs National Park and cross-country skiing tracks are located just next to the hotel. The 10 km long Lake Jerisjärvi and the quiet location of the hotel tend to counterbalance the hectic atmosphere of the big cities.

Located on the shores of Lake Jerisjärvi, Arctic Sauna World is a great place to wash off sweat of outdoor activities, relax in five different saunas and take a refreshing dip in the lake. There is 15m wide area in the lake, which is kept free of ice with pumps.

There are also cross-country skiing tracks in the vicinity of Jeris.

You can also reach the hotel with snowmobile from Muonio, Levi and Ylläs.

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