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Restaurant Nili

From 10 €

Mouth-watering Lapland

Step into our restaurant in heart of Rovaniemi and let the unique atmosphere take you to the journey of fells and wilderness. Be delighted by the flavours of Lapland prepared from fresh Arctic ingredients.

The restaurant consist of three parts: the main dining room which seats 65 persons, a smaller "Reindeer room" for 20 persons and Nili´s Nest for 70 persons just across the street.

The furnishings are genuine Lappish handicraft and materials such as Lappish wood, reindeer horns and reindeer leather feature strongly in the design.

Restaurant Nili offers Lappish delicacies and warm atmosphere in the heart of Rovaniemi, near the hotels and the safari-companies. Our cornerstones are pure Lappish and Finnish ingredients and the food is prepared with heart and soul from start to finish in our kitchen.

In Nili's over 15 years history it has became a legendary and most well known Lappish Restaurant in the world.

Nili is also many times award-winner in different restaurant and service categories.

The word "nili" means an old Lappish food storage building, which was built high up on a stump of a tree.

Welcome to experience the enchantment of Lapland!

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Ravintola Nili

Valtakatu 20, 96200 Rovaniemi
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