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Wild, spacious and free – discover the outdoors in Finland


To be truly free, all you need is the untouched wilderness and a touch of madness in your blood.

Finland, with tons of space and the cleanest air in the world, offers a wide range of outdoor activities for all tastes year round. Being a country of opposites and contrasts, you can truly enjoy your stay with all senses.

Our unique national parks are gate to the Finnish nature and each of them showcase the natural characteristics of the area they are located in. Archipelago dotted by islands and islets, virgin forests reaching quietly to the sky, lakes glimmering in a thousand shades of blue, and the wilderness of the Lapland fells. The national parks – some right next to biggest Finnish cities – provide great opportunities for training and recreational sports as well.

Finland is a natural choice when looking for active leisure holidays for families with children, exciting sports events, or school and student camps with sports activities. There is quite literally something for everybody – whether you’d like to walk in the wilderness along age old tracks, go for a mountain bike ride or just wonder around picking berries in the fall.

Outdoor activities in Finland

Finland is a diverse country with four regions and four seasons. This diversity in nature and weather conditions enables many different year-round and seasonal outdoor activities.

Summer is the perfect season to run, bike, golf and do all kinds of activities that the mild Finnish summers are perfect for. The summer temperatures rarely go above +30 degrees Celcius meaning that the climate is ideal for many kinds of actitivies and sports. Also, the summer days are very long, especially in the north, because of the nightless nights. Autumn is the time to go out into nature: try camping, go fishing and enjoy hiking. The autumn colors, called ‘ruska’ in Finnish, are at their peak typically in September and that’s when Finns flock to the outdoors.

Winter in the north of Finland, Lapland, starts usually in October-November and continues until the late spring. During this period Lapland, as well as the central part of Finland, Lakeland, has snow and the lakes freeze over. Due to the long snow season, Finland is a great winter – and spring! – destination for downhill skiers, snowboarders, ice skaters and cross-country skiers alike.

Active and sports holidays

Whether you want to spend your vacation enjoying the calm of the wilderness, or try a hardcore sports holiday, it is possible in Finland. Ski, bike, run, hike – it’s all here.

There are many great reasons to exercise. You might have a competitive spirit or are trying to find your own limits. Maybe it’s fitness and keeping yourself in shape. Perhaps you might simply want to blow off some steam and have fun with your family or a group of like-minded friends. Most Finns stay active for a simple reason: sports and exercise promote health and wellbeing. It’s as simple as that. That’s why Finland has a great selection of outdoor and indoor activities and facilities to try. We have 40 well-maintained national parks, over 60 ski resorts from Lapland to southern Finland, more than a 100 000 lakes to SUP, kayak or canoe in during the summer – and the list goes on.

Our ski and sports resorts and institutes – including multiple Olympic Training Centres – serve both professionals and recreational sports enthusiasts in sports education and leisure activities all year round.

International sports events

Finland hosts a number of international sports events every year, including cross-country and downhill skiing, marathons, and ultra running events for professional and recreational runners. Finnish events usually drum to a beat of their own – they can be quirky but they are always well-organized. Did you know that in Finland you can actually try a marathon even during the winter? No need to worry about the heat waves.

If you’ve been to all the biggest sports events in the world, why not step off the beaten path and try a unique and exotic event in the north instead? We promise there will clean air, lots of arctic nature, kind people and new experiences. After the event is done, try a Finnish sauna and hop into a lake – recovery is guaranteed. Finland is also a great destination for kids so bring your whole family along and make it a full on holiday!

Tours and routes

Here are some outdoors-themed tour suggestions in Finland

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