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Pure and simple – luxury in Finland


In Finland we interpret the word “luxury” a bit differently than you may be used to. Instead of lavishness and glitter we offer a chance to slow down, to breathe and to connect with one another. It’s affordable but at the same time something money can’t buy.

Above all, Finns appreciate high quality and unforgettable experiences. You can easily find them all over the country year-round.

Finland is perhaps most well-known for extraordinary accommodation, and the sense of calm is the essence in all Finnish luxury getaways. For those looking for unique travel experiences, all-around high quality service combined with great comfort, as well as the choice between solitude and urban encounters, Finland is an excellent option for a luxurious get-away.

For most visitors to our land of a thousand lakes, however, the pure Finnish air, and the unspoiled nature represent the greatest luxury of all.


Finnish luxury is pure nature and space

The biggest and most affordable luxuries in Finland are pure nature and space. We have the cleanest air in the world, blue skies and clear waters, cool Nordic climate – and space to breathe. Finland only has about 5,5 million inhabitants spread across nearly 340 000 square kilometers. That’s only 19 (lovely) people per km².

In a world-wide study, Finland was among the countries that have the best air quality in the world. The air quality is good, even in the cities. Water, another important element for Finns, is also clean and you can drink tap water everywhere. You can also fill your own bottles with clean and refreshing spring water for free, as many locals do. Water means not only a comfortable and sustainable way of living, but also a mindful one. Some of the best moments can be silently experienced by the water, hearing only the voices of nature.

Finnish luxury is extraordinary accommodation

Those looking for unique, or even unusual accommodation, look no further. Glass igloos, aurora domes, high-end cottages, snow castles and lighthouses – even an old prison turned into a boutique hotel. One of Finland’s most unique and internationally acclaimed features is the selection of truly special accommodation across the country.

Doze off under the Northern lights or the midnight sun, in Finland you can. Quite literally!

Finnish luxury is once-in-a-lifetime activities

What’s on your bucket list?

Perhaps a cozy husky ride in a snowy winter wonderland? Spotting a glimpse of the rare Saimaa ringed seal on a lake cruise? Driving on an icy track in a super-fast race car in Lapland? Silently sailing past islands as far as the eye can see in the Finnish archipelago? Or maybe enjoying a round of golf in a cool and fresh summer night filled with endless light?

Get that list out and head to Finland! These activities and many more await.

Finnish luxury is exquisite, clean Nordic food

Finnish cuisine is not yet a household name but along its Scandinavien counterparts, it’s making a splash. Everything starts with pure ingredients from nature, and less is usually more. When it comes to ingredients and recipes, each Finnish region has its own delicious character and deep-rooted traditions. Finland is where East meets West – in the north. Finland is a haven of clean and naturally nutrient-rich foods. The long, intense summer days and cool temperatures enhance the aromas and pigments in our wild, organic food.

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is the home to many Michelin-starred restaurants and the new foodie destination for all those looking for something off-the-beaten-track.

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